RFO (Ready for Occupancy) or Nearing Completion or For Assume Units

Please note that newly opened units are taken fast. So some may not be listed here, and some are taken by the time you ask. I encourage to decide faster by calling me at 09088128227 for reservation.

As of Nov 2019

Block 45 Lot 6 (3BR)

  • 3 Bedroom 152 sqm lot and 55 sqm floor area
  • EH6 Ph1 Blk 45 Lot 6
  • Cash price 1,511,200. 
  • If thru PAGIBIG:
  • Loanable 1,310,000. 
  • Equity 201,200. 
  • Trans/doc 157,200.
  • Cashout 358,400. 
  • Less Res fee 10,000. 
  • Instalment = 23,230 f0r 15 months.

Block 10 Lot 32 and 34 (3BR)

  • With constructed house already
  • Block 10 lot 32 and 34
  • East Homes 6 Ph 1
  • 209 sqm lot.
  • 55 sqm floor area
  • Cash price: 1,819,400

Block 26 Lot 13 (2BR)

  • 2 bedroom
  • East Homes 6 ph1
  • 100 sqm lot
  • 45.m sqm floor area
  • Cash price: 1,120,000

Block 36 Lot 19 (2BR)

Block 10 Lot 26 (2BR)

  • Eh6 ph1 blk 10 lot 26.
  • 100 sq.m-lot.
  • 45.5sq.m-house. (2br)
  • Cash price 1,150,000.
  • Loanable 1,030,000.
  • Equity 120,000.
  • Trans/doc 123,600.
  • Cashout 243,600.
  • Res fee 10,000 = 15,580 f0r 15 m0nths
3 bedroom mansilingan
3 Bedroom Unit Sample
2 Bedroom East Homes
2 Bedroom sample unit

East Homes Mansilingan Map

I made this map to help you locate your unit in case you need.

East Homes Mansilingan Site
This is the color coding for East Homes 6 phase 2. The green ones are 3 bedroom, reds are 2 bedrooms, bluish pink are duplex. You can also get lot only.
East Homes 6 Mansilingan Map on Jun 2016
East Homes Mainpage Image

Key Places Near East Homes Mansilingan

Chicken Deli
Chicken Deli Mansilingan/Alijis
Gasoline Station


100sqm Lot Only in Mansilingan
East Homes

Price Per Sqm: P3,900 x 100 = P390,000
Loanable from PAGIBIG: P290,000
Equity: P100,000
Plus Transfer / Documentation: P34,800
Cash Out: P134,800

Less Reservation: P10,000
Remaining: P124,800
Payable in 18 months: P6,934 / month x 18 months

Loanable: P290,000 

If 30 yrs: 1,809
If 20 yrs: 2,141
If 10 yrs: 3274
If 5 yrs: 5657


Step 1: We will go to the office and pay reservation of P10,000 and select a slot on the map

Step 2: After 30 days, pay the instalment downpayment which is P6,934/month x 18 months

Step 3: Submit PAGIBIG Requirements and you will belong to the next batch

Step 4: Wait for you construction. Get keys and transfer to house.

Step 5: Upon loan take out, choose how many years to pay from PAGIBIG

If 30 yrs: 1,809
If 20 yrs: 2,141
If 10 yrs: 3274
If 5 yrs: 5657

East Homes Duplex

Duplex House and Lot is the most affordable house and lot unit in East Homes. 

  • Lot Area: 60sqm
    • But there are units with bigger lot sizes due to irregular cuts
  • Floor Area: 27sqm (Just like a usual studio type condo)
  • Shared Firewall at the back with another house
  • Scroll down at the bottom to see potential developments possible for Duplex units.
  • Duplex is available now (Nov 2018) in East Homes Mansilingan and waitlist in East Villas Fortune Towne

East Homes Mansilingan Duplex

East Villas Duplex Design

East Villas Duplex Fortune towne

East Homes 5 Mansilingan Actual Houses

Raw Pics

Duplex Floor Plan

Duplex Floormap

Potential Developments for Duplex Units

Pics of Duplex after development

Aerial View of Duplex Units in Mansilingan

Aerial View of Duplex East Homes Mansilingan

Duplex Videos

Map Presentations

Time to time, I am updating this page. Come back to this website from time to time so you can see some updates about the map and other information.

EHM6 Legend:

See this post for the complete guide on availing residential lots or house and lots here.

  • Those with pins below are already taken
  • The green pins represent the 3 Bedroom Houses which are already taken
  • The blue pins represent 2 Bedroom Houses which are already reserved
  • The red pins represent the extra lot which is attached to the adjacent house to its side
  • The green flat portion represents the parks and playground.
  • The gray flat portion represents the community and facilities.
  • The numbers in the circle with a set of boxes represent the Block Number
  • The one or two digit in within each box represents the Lot Number
  • Each road has a designated lot number (e.g. Road Lot 9) and the corresponding width
  • The pink pins represent the Duplex unit that has been reserved already

East Homes Mansilingan 6 as of July 3, 2018

Bird’s eye view

Below is the overall map of the whole subdivision.

East Homes Bacolod Map Mansilingan

Satellite Map Perspective

Here’s how to map looks over the actual satellite footage.

Satellite Map of East Homes

In Relation to the New Bacolod Economic Highway

The map below shows how East Homes connects to the New Circumferential Road (2nd Circumferential Road) in Bacolod. The road will connect Sum-ag, Pahanocoy, Handumanan, Felisa, Mansilingan, Paglaum, Granada and ABKASA. It will make traveling easier. It will connect people from the south to the airport and reduce travel time dramatically.

The green line is the New Bacolod Economic Highway. The blue circle is East Homes which will just be so near to it and will help residents access the airport quickly avoiding mich traffick.

Where is the entrance? 

The entrance is at the upper right where you can see a gray-shaded road and a label which says “Proposed Box Culvert Triple Barrel”

Placement of Unit Models

Green = 3 Bedrooms (140sqm)
Red = 2 Bedrooms (100sqm)
Blue = Duplex House and Lots (60sqm)

Commercial Lot

Updated Feb 2020

New Commercial Lots Available: Right Side of Phase 6

Location: Front of East Homes 6, along Handumanan Access Road, Mansilingan, Bacolod City

Surrounded by around 6,000 residents and around 10,000 people pass by (to Handumanan, Felisa and Mansilingan)

Feb 2020 Commercial Lot


  • Total Contract Price (TCP): P3,240,000
    • P5,4000 per sqm x 600
  • STEP 1: Reservation: P50,000
  • STEP 2: Installment Downpayment (20%)
    • 3,240,000 x 20% = P648,000
    • Less 50,000 = P598,000
    • Divided by 12 months = P49,834
  • STEP 3: Balance (80%)
    • TCP x 80% =  P2,592,000
    • Payable through in-house financing at 12% interest per annum
      • 5 yrs to pay = P69,120


As of Feb 2020 (side B/right side), it’s P5,400/sqm. 

On May 2019, it was P5,000/sqm. So it’s 8% increase at 10 months. Your investment can grow 96% in a year. 

Yes, via in-house financing. 12% interest per annum. Max term is 5 years. 

Please call Agent Bryan at 9088128227 (Mobile/Whatsapp/Viber)

Older Listing: May 2019 Commercial Lots (Left Side)


Old Price (May 2019) Per Square: P5,000

In-house financing

  • 20% Down Payment: P736,000
  • Plus Trans/Doc P130, 000
  • Total Downpayment: P866.000


  1. Reservation Fee: P50,000
  2. Instalment Downpayment
  3. In-house Amortization (Max of 5 yrs)
  4. Structures can be built on the lot if 30% of the total price has been paid
600sqm   @5,000/sqm
700sqm   @5,000/sqm
784sqm   @5,000/sqm
Reservation: P50k
P56,250x12mos (600sqm)
P66,667x12mos (700sqm)
P75,000x12mos (784sqm)
Monthly Amortization for 5 yrs:
P64,000 (600sqm)
P74,667 (700sqm)
P83,600 (784sqm)

See Google Map Location Below
(East Homes 6: New May 2019)

See Google Map Location Below
(East Homes 4)


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