I made this map to help you locate your unit in case you need.

Vicinity Maps

East Homes Mansilingan Site

East Homes 4,5,6 p 1 map

Mansilingan Map of 3 phases

East Homes 6 Phase 2 Map

This is the color coding for East Homes 6 phase 2. The green ones are 3 bedroom, reds are 2 bedrooms, bluish pink are duplex. You can also get lot only.

East Homes 6 Phase 1 Map

East Homes 6 Mansilingan Map on Jun 2016
East Homes Mainpage Image

East Homes 4 Map

East Homes 4 Map

East Homes 5 Map

East Homes 4 Map

Key Places Near East Homes Mansilingan

Chicken Deli
Chicken Deli Mansilingan/Alijis
Gasoline Station
RObinsons Open Markt Mansilingan Bacolod Near East Homes

In Relation to the New Bacolod Economic Highway

The map below shows how East Homes connects to the New Circumferential Road (2nd Circumferential Road) in Bacolod. The road will connect Sum-ag, Pahanocoy, Handumanan, Felisa, Mansilingan, Paglaum, Granada and ABKASA. It will make traveling easier. It will connect people from the south to the airport and reduce travel time dramatically.

Chicken Deli Mansilingan/Alijis

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