East Homes Duplex

Duplex House and Lot is the most affordable house and lot unit in East Homes. 

  • Lot Area: 60sqm
    • But there are units with bigger lot sizes due to irregular cuts
  • Floor Area: 27sqm (Just like a usual studio type condo)
  • Shared Firewall at the back with another house
  • Scroll down at the bottom to see potential developments possible for Duplex units.
  • Duplex is available now (Nov 2018) in East Homes Mansilingan and waitlist in East Villas Fortune Towne

East Homes Mansilingan Duplex

East Villas Duplex Design

East Villas Duplex Fortune towne

East Homes 5 Mansilingan Actual Houses

Raw Pics

Duplex Floor Plan

Duplex Floormap

Potential Developments for Duplex Units

Pics of Duplex after development

Aerial View of Duplex Units in Mansilingan

Aerial View of Duplex East Homes Mansilingan

Duplex Videos

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