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Available Mansilingan

3 Bedroom

Price starts at P1.640M Downpayment starts at P 15,340.00/MONTH for 24 months Lot area 140sqm 140sqm is the standard. Other units have bigger or smaller

East Homes 2 Bedroom
Available Mansilingan

2 Bedroom

Mansilingan East Homes • Price: Starts at P1,250,000 • 100sqm lot • 2 BR • 1 Bath

Available Mansilingan


East Homes Mansilingan Phase 2Cutes: 100sqm more or lessEntrance: East Homes 6 Phase 1

Phase 2 Duplex Mansilingan - Copy
Available Mansilingan

East Homes Duplex

Total Price starts at P630k Downpayment starts at P5,000 per month for 24 months Lot area 60sqm 60sqm is the standard. Other units have bigger

Available Mansilingan

East Homes Commercial Lots

Commercial Lots Available Commercial Lot (Oct 2021 – Mansilingan) Available as of October 28, 2021 Location: East Homes 6 Mansilingan Beside Tower, entrance is through

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