If you are abroad or outside Bacolod, there are instances that you can’t go to the office to pay your monthly downpayment installments – hence the option: deposit via bank. East Homes has a BDO account to deposit the following:

  • Your reservation
  • Your monthly downpayment

BDO Details:

Bacolod South Homes Corp

  • Account Name: Bacolod South Homes Corp
  • Savings Account Number: #000-720-103568
  • BDO Gonzaga Branch Bacolod City
  • BDO Swift Code: BNORPHMM
  • Office Tel. #433-8222 / 435-8187
  • Cell: 09338552255
  • Email your deposit slip to

How Can You Benefit from Real Estate?

As I guard the news about Bacolod, I noticed that the crime rates are getting lower and lower as the city is working hard to improve. Over the years of my life as a homeowner and agent, I saw three major ways how one can benefit from Real Estate Investment:

Reside in it.
Practicality. If you are for good na in one location, it is no longer practical to rent for a longer period of time. Rent is only good if you think you are transient – maybe as a student, a supplement employee or bakasyonista.
Legacy. Unlike condos, house and lots appreciate through time and can be passed on to your children. Condominiums usually have a time expiry and can no longer be resided after a period of decades.
Proximity. Your children, nephews, grandchildren someday will need to study in the city, and instead of renting, a house can greatly benefit them and will save them from transportation expenses, time waste and energy waste.
Emergency. Your elderlies who will need hospital or medical care may need to live in proximity to the medical professionals. Urban residences are more needed as the years come, especially as our government aims to decongest Manila and attempt federalism.
Rent it out
Retire in it
Resell it – Real Estate, especially lots, grow in the value through time and is one of the best forms of investments.

Create passive income as you reach retirement. Time will come when you can no longer go overseas, or drive long hours, or wake-up on weekdays to earn a living.

If you have a home or an extra home, you can rent it to tenants and you receive monthly income without doing anything.

The younger = the cheaper, the better. Your renters pay you, and you pay your housing loan (called amortization) and you keep the remaining as your passive income without doing anything.

I bought my first house when I was 21. The advantage of starting early is that you can get longer terms and lower amortization. Yes, it will take longer but compare that to an older person who is 45 years old and can no longer avail a housing loan because he is only allowed 15 years and he can no longer afford the shorter term period?

Starting early is the key. Resell it. Short-term- you can buy, improve and sell within a short of time so you can get your returns but the appreciation is not nearly as high as the long-term. Long-term- you buy the house and lot, improve, reside in it or rent it out to tenants, then after 10-15 years, you can resell it a higher price due to the lot appreciation less the house building depreciation. Owning a House and Lot Can Be Used for Requirements.

I have friends and clients who applied for visa to the US and one of the proof is home ownership. I took a copy of the contract to sell and the client was approved to go abroad. In times of need or emergency and you need a credit line, creditors might need a copy of the title of your owned property as a collateral. Mission, Vision, and Motto Company Motto: “Experience a Life of Convenience and Affordability” Based on the mission, East Homes’ mission is to become a housing company that offers affordable yet quality projects.

The company envisions a future where every Filipino enjoys the blessings of a homeownership and the benefits that go along with it. Previous Project Locations The succeeding project was called East Homes because it was located in the east part of Bacolod City which is called Fortune Towne, Barangay Estefania.

The project grew to become East Homes 1, 2 and 3 with over 5,000 residences and around 3,000 homes. Soon, Fortune Towne and Estefania became one of the most developed and middle-class populated areas of the capital, a city within a city. In 2016, East Villas, a project of East Homes / BSHC, was started and is now rising in the further end part of the Fortune Towne.

The subdivision company owned and developed Santorini Subdivision which is located in Eroreco, Bacolod City. The 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom house models in Santorini, East Homes 3, 4, 5 and 6 were similar (with some variety such as glass sliding windows in the newer phases).

East Homes Mansilingan East Homes grew and branched out and the next project, East Homes 4, 5 and 6 were located in Barangay Mansilingan, Bacolod City. In the latter part of 2017, East Homes 6 was extended and added 1,000 pre-selling units composed of five types. Amenities -Club House -Guard House / Security -Regular Garbage Collection -BACIWA (Water Service Provider) Pumping station outside the subdivision -Terminal, commercial units along the subdivision entrance as well as private schools (future)

What is a Pre-selling Unit?

Preselling units are real estate sold without being constructed yet. The buyer avails the cheaper price compared to those already built.

They’re affordable downpayment because it is spread or divided into many months such as 18, 24 or 36 months depending on the unit. The house will be scheduled for batch construction after complete requirements.

With preselling, you “reserve” a house and lot at a cheaper price. You pay “in advance” before the house is built, making you spend less.

Advantages of preselling houses: (1) Cheaper in total price than usual, (2) Lets you pay instalment or staggered.

Disadvantages of preselling: Not livable right away. Still takes time because you have to finish first the downpayment.

If you are not in a hurry, and prioritize your cashflow every month, then choose preselling. Contact me for the pricing or you can see them in the pricing page.

As stated above, “Preselling units have affordable downpayment because it is spread or divided into many months such as 18, 24 or 36 months depending on the unit. The house will be scheduled for batch construction after complete requirements.

With preselling, you “reserve” a house and lot at a cheaper price. You pay “in advance” before the house is built, making you spend less.”

Advantages of Owning Your Home

East Homes Bacolod is an affordable housing program in the city of smiles. The subdivision is one of the biggest and oldest projects here.

East Homes helps you enjoy the following truths of owning a home. Why is it GOOD TO OWN YOUR HOME?

When you have your own home, you don’t worry about being in a squatters area or in an informal settler status. Your family is safe from sudden demolish.
When you own a home, you smile because your monthly payments to PAGIBIG / bank / inhouse go to your title ownership, and not to the landlord. You look forward to that day that you own your home 100%.
You are delighted to leave a material inheritance to your children. Someday, your children will have their family and need a home. If you passed that house and lot, they can channel their earnings to put their children to a good school, enroll in a ballet class, give you more grandchildren, invest in a lot, save in a mutual fund for their college. Proverbs 13:22 says “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.”

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East Homes 2 Two Storey

  • Near Gate and Guard House
  • Near Savemore Fortune towne
  • Near Metro Bacolod Hospital and Medical Center
  • 3 Bedroom
  • 1 maid’s quarter
  • 3 Toilet and Bath
  • 1 Car Garage
  • Laundry Area
  • Dirty Kitchen w/ Lanai
  • 2 window type & 1 split type aircon included.
  • Painted In and Out
  • Landscaped mini garden
  • Tiled floor In and Out
  • Ceneco and Baciwa Connection
  • Offer Price 5M

East Homes 5 Mansilingan Improved House

Location: East Homes 5 Mansilingan
– Near Gate and Guard House
• 2 Bedroom
• 1 Toilet and Bath
• Laundry Area
✅ Painted In and Out
✅ Tiled floor In and Out
✅ Ceneco and Baciwa Connection


• Preferably CASH (one time payment)
OTHER Payment Options:
》If thru pag-ibig or bank financing, kamo na ang mapa appraise and process but the remaining balance not covered by the approved loan amount must be paid into cash.

East Homes 3 Fortune Towne

Duplex turned to 2 bedroom