What is Waitlist?

To “Waitlist in East Homes or East Villas” is to deposit P10,000.00 at our office with me  and wait for your preferred slot or unit to open. After 2 months, you can choose to withdraw the P10,000 or choose to wait. We will call you once there is opening. Please note that slots will only be given to those who “waitlist.”

Once you are given a slot, your P10,000 will serve as reservation. It will be deducted from your downpayment. 

30 days from the date of your reservation, you will then begin to pay the equity or downpayment per month at our office until you finish the TOTAL Cash Out or Downpayment. Then, Submit Loan Requirements to loan your remaining balance. Your house will then be scheduled for batch construction. 

Why are slots opening?
Some clients transfer units, go abroad or get married that’s why they want to stop their ongoing downpayment. Their slot is then given to those who “waitlist.”


Since our realty is focusing in East Homes in East Villas, you will have more chance to avail slots if you reserve under me.