PAGIBIG Housing Loan Requirements that are OK to be sent via Email

  1. Two Valid ID’s with Signature (According to PAGIBIG, below are acceptable valid ID’s)

2. Birth Certificate NSO Copy (for singles) or Marriage Contract (for married) plus Valid ID’s of the couple. Scan and Email.

3. Brgy Clearance – pwede email or physical copy can be brought by your SPA to the office

4. PAGIBIG Contribution Printout. Scan and Email.

For Local Employees:

For OFWs/ Seaman / Self-employed, kindly see image above.


Email Requirements to:

Place the buyer’s name, subdivision, block and lot number.

Make sure you put the Buyer’s Name, Subdivision Name and Block and Lot

Documents that need ORIGINAL signature.
(to be sent via personal to office, Email, Print and Courier via LBC to the office)

1. PHLA – PAGIBIG Housing Loan Application form. We already have the forms at the office. If you are outside of Bacolod, please see these 2 links: PHLA Front | PHLA Back

2. SPA– Special Power of Attorney if buyer is not in Bacolod City. We have our own SPA form at East Homes and that must be used (do n0t use any SPA in Notarial Offices) Download SPA Form Here

Printing Instructions

  1. For PHLA1 & PHLA2, please print 5 copies each back to back
    • For PHLA1, Fill up the borrower’s data portion in only one copy because the others will be typewritten by the office.
    • For PHLA2 (back portion), please affix your signature in all 5 copies. pls do not put the date.
  2. For Special Power of Attorney, please print 5 copies and affix your signature in all five copies.
  3. Please send back all originally signed documents to the office or mail it to:
    • Address: Bacolod South Homes Corporation, Burgos Street, Bacolod City 6100

So when should I start sending these documents?

Answer: When you are about to fully pay your downpayment or equity

If you EQUITY will be fully-paid on February 2019, I suggest that your requirements are to be completed ON or BEFORE January 31, 2019

You will then belong to the Construction Batching when:

1. Fully Paid Equity
2. Complete Loan Requirements (PAGIBIG)
so better sir before your December Full Equity

Please remember:

1. Even you have already fully paid the Equity / Downpayment, without requirements (PAGIBIG), you cannot belong to the next batch of construction.

What if I don’t have PAGIBIG yet?

No Problem. As long as you have income and proofs, you can get a housing loan.

  1. If you don’t have PAGIBIG yet:
    1. Register online. See the flowchart below:
    2. Send your PAGIBIG number to me (as your agent)
    3. Send 24 months worth of contribution (as of Nov 2018, P200 x 24 = P4,800)
    4. I will work it out with PAGIBIG.
    5. Warning: Do not do it by yourself in PAGIBIG for the P4,800 may be misappropriated as what my previous clients had went through.
  2. What if I have PAGIBIG but not updated?
    1. Same process above. Send the PAGIBIG membership number and send the REMAINING amount to complete the 24 months.
    2. Example: you only gave 5 months of contribution before. So, 24 less 5 = 19 months.
    3. 19 x P200 = P3,800
    4. Send P3,800 to my office at East Homes and I (as your official agent) will work it out for you
    5. Warning: Going along to PAGIBIG may cause errors and the big money may not be properly managed due to confusion.