East Homes Bacolod
Affordable yet Comfortable House and Lot Package

Affordable housing means making thousands of people happy with decent access to shelter, hospitals, jobs and schools. Solving this problem means transforming lives. It’s the building block of a successful community. East Homes is a real breakthrough in making affordable housing happen in Bacolod.

Sample Interior Design

Standard Units


3 Bedroom

Price starts at P1.640M Downpayment starts at P 15,340.00/MONTH for 24 months Lot area 140sqm 140sqm is the standard. Other units have bigger or smaller

East Homes 2 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

Mansilingan East Homes • Price: Starts at P1,250,000 • 100sqm lot • 2 BR • 1 Bath

East Villas Fortune Towne

2 Bedroom

East Villas Fortune Towne • 100sqm Lot Area • 45.5sqm Floor Area • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bath

East Villas Fortune Towne

3 Bedroom

Lot Area 140sqm • 56.4 sqm Floor Area • 3 Bedroom • 2 Bath

2 Storey
East Villas Fortune Towne

2 Storey

100 sqm lot area • 60sqm floor area (30sqm each floor) • 3 bedrooms (1BR GF/2BR 2F)

East Homes Price Growth

East homes growth compared with national average growth of real estate
Price Growth June 2016 Mar 2021 Growth (end to end)
Duplex 550,000* 640,000* +14.06% in 4y and 9mo
2 Bedroom 1,068,000* 1,320,000* +19.09% in 4y and 9mo
3 Bedroom 1,369,400* 1,730,000* +20.84% in 4y and 9mo
Oct 2018 Mar 2021
Lot only 100sqm 4,448/sqm or 444,800 4,700/sqm or 470,000 +5.36% in 2y and 5mo
Fortune Towne East Villas
Dec 2016 Mar 2021
Duplex 560,000 660,000 +15.15% in 4y and 3mo
2 Bedroom 1,041,500 1,350,000 +22.85% in 4y and 3mo
3 Bedroom 1,482,000 1,770,000 +16.27% in 4y and 3mo
2 Story 1,843,000 2,210,000 +16.60% in 4y and 3mo
*Price includes processing fee and may be inhouse not HDMF
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