East Homes Mansilingan – The Complete Guide 2019

Hi, this is Bryan Villarosa, Licensed Realtor and a focused salesperson of East Homes Bacolod. In this website, I detail all necessary information to help you decide in investing in East Homes Real Estate here in Bacolod City, Philippines. To reserve your affordable housing investment, call me at +639088128227, email at admin@bryanvillarosa.com or chat at Facebook Page


3 Bedroom

2 Bedroom


Lot Only

This site is dedicated for all information you need to know such as prices, units, house models, FAQ, opened slots, guides, location landmarks, steps, loan information, best suggestions, office, contact numbers and more.

Below are the units you can avail. Here are required income so you can be approved by PAGIBIG or HDMF and get your unit in East Homes.

Approved Unit for LoanRequired Income**Description
3 BedroomPHP 23,000 above140sqm Lot Area, 56.4 sqm Floor Area
2 BedroomPHP 17,000 above100sqm Lot Area, 45.5 sqm Floor Area
Duplex at 6.375% Annual InterestPHP 12,000 above60sqm Lot Area, 27sqm Floor Area*
Duplex at 3% Annual InterestPHP 8k-12k 60sqm Lot Area, 27sqm Floor Area*
Lot OnlyPHP 8,000 above100sqm / 140sqm / 200sqm/ 280 sqm/ 300sqm
*no ceiling and room partitions at turn-over
**if you are married, you and your spouse’s income are combined and considered as your credit power.

Available Units

3 bedroom mansilingan

3 Bedroom East Homes Mansilingan

Regular Lot: 140sqm 
Type: Semi-Furnished (Complete with Hardiflex Ceiling, Tiled Bathroom and Sink) 
Floor: Smooth cement 
Kitchen: At turn over, located outside 
Can Be Also available: Corner Lots, Main Road Lots and Irregular Lots 
Floor Area: 57.6sqm 
Bathrooms: 2 CR + Bath (1 CR is located at the master’s bedroom) 
Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms (1 Master, 2 Regular)
Total Contract Price: see this page If the lot is standard 140sqm lot, non-corner and non-mainroad. For corner lots, I can send you a separate computation. 🙂

Latest 3 Bedroom Pricing Sept 2019 Version

3 Bedroom H_L-1 copy
2 Bedroom East Homes
two bedroom

2 Bedroom Bungalow

  • Regular Lot: 100sqm
  • Can Be Also available: Corner Lots, Main Road Lots and Irregular Lots
  • Type: Semi-Furnished (Complete with Hardiflex Ceiling, Tiled Bathroom and Sink) Floor: Smooth cement
  • Kitchen: At turn over, located outside
  • Floor Area: 45.5sqm
  • Bathrooms: 1 CR + Bath
  • Bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms (1 Master, 2 Regular)



  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Toilet and Bath
  • Long Span Rib Tile Roofing
  • Roof framing “C Purlins”
  • Bridging of the Ceiling is Metal Furring
  • Concrete Partitions
  • “Hardiflex” Ceiling
  • Painted Inside and Outside of the House
  • Kitchen Counter with Sink & with Tiles
  • Toilet and Bath with Tiles
  • Concrete Finish Floor for Rooms Living Room and Dining Area

Latest 2 Bedroom Pricing Sept 2019 Version

2 Bedroom H_L-1 Sept 2019

Duplex Model Houses

Latest Duplex Pricing Sept 2019 Version

Duplex EHM Sept 2019

Installment Lots

100sqm Lot Only
200 sqm LOT ONLY

Why is it Good to Own Your Home?

East Homes Bacolod is an affordable housing program in the city of smiles. The subdivision is one of the biggest and oldest projects here.

East Homes helps you enjoy the following truths of owning a home. Why is it GOOD TO OWN YOUR HOME?

  • When you have your own home, you don’t worry about being in a squatters area or in an informal settler status. Your family is safe from sudden demolish.
  • When you own a home, you smile because your monthly payments to PAGIBIG / bank / inhouse go to your title ownership, and not to the landlord. You look forward to that day that you own your home 100%.
  • You are delighted to leave a material inheritance to your children. Someday, your children will have their family and need a home. If you passed that house and lot, they can channel their earnings to put their children to a good school, enroll in a ballet class, give you more grandchildren, invest in a lot, save in a mutual fund for their college. Proverbs 13:22 says “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.”

What is a Preselling Unit?

Preselling units are real estate sold without being constructed yet. The buyer avails the cheaper price compared to those already built.

They’re affordable downpayment because it is spread or divided into many months such as 18, 24 or 36 months depending on the unit. The house will be scheduled for batch construction after complete requirements. 

With preselling, you “reserve” a house and lot at a cheaper price. You pay “in advance” before the house is built, making you spend less. 

Advantages of preselling houses: (1) Cheaper in total price than usual, (2) Lets you pay instalment or staggered.

Disadvantages of preselling: Not livable right away. Still takes time because you have to finish first the downpayment.

If you are not in a hurry, and prioritize your cashflow every month, then choose preselling. Contact me for the pricing or you can see them in the pricing page.

Preselling vs. RFO/NC

Are you in a hurry to live in the house? Then, RFO or NC is for you.

The opposite of Preselling is RFO (Ready for Occupancy) or (NC) Nearing Completion houses. With preselling, you deal directly with me and the subdvision company. With RFO or Nearing Completion houses, I can also help you because we have openings time to time. We may deal with the company or the person-owner.

Spot down units are houses that are already built or almost built, and the subdivision company or the previous owner wanted to receive a spot cash for the money they have already spent. The rest you can loan from PAGIBIG/HDMF or inhouse financing. 

Spot Down Units RFO or Near-Completion (NC) Houses

If you are in a hurry to transfer to a home and not concerned about paying lumpsome / one-time-bigtime, then RFO is for you. NC means that a house about to be finished and the owner wants to assume his/her house. Below are RFO or NC units I update regularly. If you’re interested or need new updates, contact me at +639088128227 (Smart/Viber/Whastapp)

1.) RFO House in East Homes 3 Fortune Towne

The unit above is RFO house in East Homes 3, a renovated duplex. Lot area is 60 sqm. Floor area is 60sqm due to renovation.

Contact me via Messenger for site viewing and or reservation. Price is at P1.5M. Minimum down is 500,000 pesos. The rest can be loanable. 

2.) 3 Bedroom House and Lot in East Homes 6 Mansilingan (RFO)

Ready for Occupancy 3 Bedroom in East Homes 6 Mansilingan Phase 1. Lot area is 135sqm.

  • 2 bathrooms. Spot down to owner is 450,000 400,000 PHP
  • Loanable in PAGIBIG is 1,080,000.
  • Estimated monthly is Php7,243.

Preselling Units

As stated above, “Preselling units have affordable downpayment because it is spread or divided into many months such as 18, 24 or 36 months depending on the unit. The house will be scheduled for batch construction after complete requirements.

With preselling, you “reserve” a house and lot at a cheaper price. You pay “in advance” before the house is built, making you spend less.”

Location of East Homes

The gate entrance of East Homes 6 Mansilingan
East Homes Mansilingan Map
The location of East Homes 6 phase 2

Contact me to reserve your unit. As an agent, I am focusing on only one PRESELLING SUBDIVISION which is EAST HOMES BACOLOD -we are one of the first housing and most units sold in Bacolod – that’s why me and my Realty can give time-tested, reliable and up to date information.

If you are in a train, subway or MRT, you may want to just use your headphones and listen as I dictate by voice the 5 steps on getting a home in East Homes as a beginner.

Spots Near East Homes

I can Assist You to Avail an Instalment House and Lot or Lot Only Property in East Homes Bacolod


  1. East Homes Company Profile and History.
  2. How can you benefit from Real Estate Property Investment?
  3. Amenities, Neighborhood, Safety
  4. 3 Bedroom Details
  5. 2 Bedroom Details
  6. Duplex Attached Details
  7. Lot Only Details (NEW ITEM)
  8. Instalment Lot  (NEW HOTCAKE ITEM) Details
    1. 140sqm Instalment lot
    2. 100sqm Instalment lot
  9. PAGIBIG Requirements
  10. Required Income
    1. Schedule a call / Site viewing
  11. Bryan’s Profile and Hobbies

Company Profile and History

East Homes’ official and legal name is Bacolod South Homes Corporation. BSHC because it was the first project along Araneta St. Highway, Barangay Sum-ag, Bacolod City. The company has existed in Bacolod city for since 2002 and remains as one of the biggest, most stable and fastest-growing locally-based real estate company.

The subdivision’s owner is always present at the office during working hours, that’s why you will have no problem with the corporate structure if you have any concerns, requests or problems to voice out.

How Can You Benefit from House and Lot in Bacolod?

As I guard the news about Bacolod, I noticed that the crime rates are getting lower and lower as the city is working hard to improve. Over the years of my life as a homeowner and agent, I saw three major ways how one can benefit from Real Estate Investment:

  • Reside in it. 
    • Practicality. If you are for good na in one location, it is no longer practical to rent for a longer period of time. Rent is only good if you think you are transient – maybe as a student, a supplement employee or bakasyonista.
    • Legacy. Unlike condos, house and lots appreciate through time and can be passed on to your children. Condominiums usually have a time expiry and can no longer be resided after a period of decades.
    • Proximity. Your children, nephews, grandchildren someday will need to study in the city, and instead of renting, a house can greatly benefit them and will save them from transportation expenses, time waste and energy waste.
    • Emergency. Your elderlies who will need hospital or medical care may need to live in proximity to the medical professionals. Urban residences are more needed as the years come, especially as our government aims to decongest Manila and attempt federalism.
  • Rent it out
  • Retire in it
  • Resell it – Real Estate, especially lots, grow in the value through time and is one of the best forms of investments.

Create passive income as you reach retirement. Time will come when you can no longer go overseas, or drive long hours, or wake-up on weekdays to earn a living.

If you have a home or an extra home, you can rent it to tenants and you receive monthly income without doing anything.

The younger = the cheaper, the better. Your renters pay you, and you pay your housing loan (called amortization) and you keep the remaining as your passive income without doing anything.

I bought my first house when I was 21. The advantage of starting early is that you can get longer terms and lower amortization. Yes, it will take longer but compare that to an older person who is 45 years old and can no longer avail a housing loan because he is only allowed 15 years and he can no longer afford the shorter term period?

Starting early is the key. Resell it.  Short-term- you can buy, improve and sell within a short of time so you can get your returns but the appreciation is not nearly as high as the long-term. Long-term- you buy the house and lot, improve, reside in it or rent it out to tenants, then after 10-15 years, you can resell it a higher price due to the lot appreciation less the house building depreciation. Owning a House and Lot Can Be Used for Requirements.

I have friends and clients who applied for visa to the US and one of the proof is home ownership. I took a copy of the contract to sell and the client was approved to go abroad. In times of need or emergency and you need a credit line, creditors might need a copy of the title of your owned property as a collateral. Mission, Vision, and Motto Company Motto: “Experience a Life of Convenience and Affordability” Based on the mission, East Homes’ mission is to become a housing company that offers affordable yet quality projects.

The company envisions a future where every Filipino enjoys the blessings of a homeownership and the benefits that go along with it. Previous Project Locations The succeeding project was called East Homes because it was located in the east part of Bacolod City which is called Fortune Towne, Barangay Estefania.

The project grew to become East Homes 1, 2 and 3 with over 5,000 residences and around 3,000 homes. Soon, Fortune Towne and Estefania became one of the most developed and middle-class populated areas of the capital, a city within a city. In 2016, East Villas, a project of East Homes / BSHC, was started and is now rising in the further end part of the Fortune Towne.

The subdivision company owned and developed Santorini Subdivision which is located in Eroreco, Bacolod City. The 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom house models in Santorini, East Homes 3, 4, 5 and 6 were similar (with some variety such as glass sliding windows in the newer phases).

East Homes Mansilingan East Homes grew and branched out and the next project, East Homes 4, 5 and 6 were located in Barangay Mansilingan, Bacolod City. In the latter part of 2017, East Homes 6 was extended and added 1,000 pre-selling units composed of five types. Amenities -Club House -Guard House / Security -Regular Garbage Collection -BACIWA (Water Service Provider) Pumping station outside the subdivision -Terminal, commercial units along the subdivision entrance as well as private schools (future)

Available Units Now Available in East Homes 6 Mansilingan

  • 3 Bedroom 
  • Bungalow 
  • 2 Bedroom Bungalow 
  • Duplex Attached 
  • Lot Only


Key places nearby:

Market: -New Robinsons OpenMarkt (3 – 5 minutes ride) -SaveMore Handumanan (3 kilometres) -Lopues Panaad (5 minutes ride) -Mansilingan Wet Market (5 minutes ride) -Libertad (20 minutes jeepney ride) -Puregold Mansilingan (10 minutes ride)

Google Street View of East Homes (the images of Google St. View above are 2 years late)

Schools: -Private schools (soon infront of East Homes) -Near Saint Benilde (5 minutes ride) -South Hills Academy (10 minutes ride) -Jayme Elementary (5 minutes ride) -Mansilingan Agro-Industrial High School (5 minutes ride) -UNO-R (University of Negros Occidental Recoletos) (20 minutes ride / 1-3 jeepney rides)

Stores/ Businesses: -711 -Grace Pharmacy -Carenderias -Lechonan

Churches: -Catholic Church -Mansilingan First Baptist Church -Apostolic Church -House churches within East Homes -Mormons

Leisure, Malls and Parks: -Panaad Park and Stadium (Walking distance or 5 minutes jog) -Panaad Gym -Panaad Gardens -New Government Center -The Marketplace -Hi Strip East -Lopues East

Restaurants: -Platos -Los Trez Amigos -Pizza Haus -Cafe Brahma

Hospitals: -South Bacolod General Hospital -Convention Baptist Hospital (soon)

Cafes – Mug King in Bangga Totong, Trese Cafe in Handumanan, Cafes inside Panaad Booths, Cafe’s along the road to Panaad from Robinsons OpenMarkt Grocery Store, Zane’s Cafe Mansilingan 

Is the place safe? Yes for a number of reasons: -Guard House: East phase has a designated guard and guardhouse. -Perimeter Walls: Surrounds the entire phase -Police Station: In Mansilingan, Bac-Up 5. -Agent lives in the area: In my years of stay, I can testify that the neighborhood is peaceful and significantly safe.

RObinsons Open Markt Mansilingan Bacolod Near East Homes

Accesibility & Transportation

-The Subdivision is accessible since there is a 24/7 jeepney passing along the highway which is the Handumanan Jeep. The terminal of these jeepneys is in Libertad Market.

-There are 5 major road highways that connect to East Homes Mansilingan 

1. Road to the New Bacolod Economic Highway (soon) – the road connects Sum-ag to Talisay Ruins via the Mansilingan-Granada areas. This road passes along Mansilingan and East Homes has access to it via the road just infant.

2. Road to Murcia – which further leads to Don Salvador, Mambukal Resort, San Carlos, Negros Oriental and Eastern Visayas such as Cebu (via RoRo) 

3. Road to Alijis – this road leads to the Alijis commercial / industrial highway, to the old airport, Araneta street and Goldenfield. 

4. Road to Pahanocoy – via Brgy. Handumanan, one can access to Bacolod South General Hospital. 

5. Road to Libertad – this is the most traditional road and the Mansilingan, Handumanan (2nd tier) and Cabugwason jeep pass here. East Homes is near the New Bacolod Economic Highway which will connect Sum-ag to Granada to ABKASA and towards the airport. 

East Homes Mansilingan is 20 – 30 minutes car ride away from Bacolod Capitol Lagoon in Lacson Street during uncogested times of the day, and 45 minutes ride away during rush hours such like 7:30AM or 5:30PM.

East Homes Mansilingan Steps and Pricing

Can I Get 200sqm Lot Only? Yes.

200sqm standard lot only

Total Cash Price: P760,000
Loanable from PAGIBIG: P580,000
Equity: P180,000
Documents and Processing: P69,600
Total Downpayment: P249,600
Less Reservation: P20,000
Remaining: P229,600
Payable for 18 months = P12,756/month for 18 months

Loanable: P580,000
if 10 yrs: P5,602/month
if 20 yrs: P3,218/month



Basic Requirements:

  • ( 4 PCS.) 1X1 ID pictures 
  • TIN CARD RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE ( both spouses if married ) 
  • 2 VALID IDS w/ signature 
  • 2 VALID IDS w/ signature of Spouse 
  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE, if Single ( NSO copy ) 
  • 12 POSTDATED CHECKS (as of 2017, checks are no longer needed) 
  • PAGI-BIG HOUSING LOAN APPLICATION ( PHLA ) – to be complied at the office
  • MEMBERSHIP STATUS VERIFICATION SLIP ( MSVS ) – to be complied at the office 
  • If necessary: SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY ( SPA ) 


  • SEAMAN’S BOOK – photocopy( if Seaman ) 
  • JOB CONTRACT – photocopy 
  • PASSPORT – photocopy of Page w/ picture and page w/ signature 


  • BIR FORM 2316 (w/ Tax Cert. or W2) No longer needed as of 2017 



Note: PAGIBIG / HDMF has stricter guidelines for self-employed. So please ensure that you have the substantial documents for your self-employed practice. 

Lot Plan / Subdivision Map

For the latest maps, see the latest here.


  • Can I modify the house?

    • Yes you can, but only after it is built and had been taken out thru PAGIBIG. But before construction, only the city-approved city design can be followed.
  • What is the required income to avail of HDMF PAGIBIG Housing Loan?

    • 3 Bedroom – 23,000 PHP above
    • 2 Bedroom – 17,000 PHP above
    • Duplex – 8,000 PHP above
      • If 12,000 php and above – qualified for standard rate (6.375% per annum)
      • If 12,000 php and below – qualified for the PAGIBIG special program (3% per annum)

Site Tripping / Site Viewing

Options to make the site trip: 1. Kindly filly-up this form to schedule a call or a site visit.

  • Please save my number: 09088128227 (Smart/ Viber/ WhatsApp).

    • We can schedule a trip via my personal vehicle service. I can fetch you at NGC, Lopues East or Mansilingan Catholic Church/ Jayme Elementary / 711. Fill-up this form.
  • We can use the company’s free vehicle service where we can meet at Burgos Street / Mercury Drug in front of Corazon Locsin Hospital.
  • or email me at admin@bryanvillarosa.com

East Homes Office

East Homes Office This is how our office looks from the inside[/caption]

Address: BSHC Center, Burgos Street, Bacolod City
Nearby Landmarks: Corazon Regional Hospital, Mercury Drug Store and Alisbo Memorial Chapel Call me at 09088128227 or Email at bryanvillarosa@gmail.com so I can assist you.

XI. Realtor Profile

Bryan Villarosa at PRC Manila for my Real Estate LicenseMy name is Bryan Villarosa, I am a licensed realtor here in the Philippines.

  1. PRC-compliant Real Estate SalesPerson under PRC Manila (Philippine Regulatory Commission) located in Sampaloc, Manila (documents are fully-complied, there are delays in PRC manila now and I am waiting for my furnished copy) 
  2. I hold a second Bachelor’s Degree which is  B.S. Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management. I also graduated from a 5-year Chris. Education as a Magna Cum Laude.
  3. My house is also in East Homes. When I was still a campus missionary, I used my high school- acquired skills to work online. I did websites, blogging and designing to compensate the needs of my family and help ministry for children and students. 
  4. We lived in a depressed area before and no permanent home and during that time I did not know what to do. When I visited my family in Bacolod, there I came to know about East Homes through my agent, and now my property manager. Since 2014, I am glad and happy to be serving fellow Filipinos so they too as well can avail a dream investment and be good stewards of provision.
  5. In my day time schedules, you will see me either developing websites for my clients; write blogs about finance, real estate, passive income; I am also blogging about Bacolod City and other travel destinations in Negros.

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