Updated Feb 2020

New Commercial Lots Available: Right Side of Phase 6

Location: Front of East Homes 6, along Handumanan Access Road, Mansilingan, Bacolod City

Surrounded by around 6,000 residents and around 10,000 people pass by (to Handumanan, Felisa and Mansilingan)

Feb 2020 Commercial Lot


  • Total Contract Price (TCP): P3,240,000
    • P5,4000 per sqm x 600
  • STEP 1: Reservation: P50,000
  • STEP 2: Installment Downpayment (20%)
    • 3,240,000 x 20% = P648,000
    • Less 50,000 = P598,000
    • Divided by 12 months = P49,834
  • STEP 3: Balance (80%)
    • TCP x 80% =  P2,592,000
    • Payable through in-house financing at 12% interest per annum
      • 5 yrs to pay = P69,120


As of Feb 2020 (side B/right side), it’s P5,400/sqm. 

On May 2019, it was P5,000/sqm. So it’s 8% increase at 10 months. Your investment can grow 96% in a year. 

Yes, via in-house financing. 12% interest per annum. Max term is 5 years. 

Please call Agent Bryan at 9088128227 (Mobile/Whatsapp/Viber)

Older Listing: May 2019 Commercial Lots (Left Side)


Old Price (May 2019) Per Square: P5,000

In-house financing

  • 20% Down Payment: P736,000
  • Plus Trans/Doc P130, 000
  • Total Downpayment: P866.000


  1. Reservation Fee: P50,000
  2. Instalment Downpayment
  3. In-house Amortization (Max of 5 yrs)
  4. Structures can be built on the lot if 30% of the total price has been paid
600sqm   @5,000/sqm
700sqm   @5,000/sqm
784sqm   @5,000/sqm
Reservation: P50k
P56,250x12mos (600sqm)
P66,667x12mos (700sqm)
P75,000x12mos (784sqm)
Monthly Amortization for 5 yrs:
P64,000 (600sqm)
P74,667 (700sqm)
P83,600 (784sqm)

See Google Map Location Below
(East Homes 6: New May 2019)

See Google Map Location Below
(East Homes 4)


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