Commercial Lot

Updated: Nov 2018

East Homes Commercial Lot
(New: May 19, 2019)


Location: Front of East Homes 6, Handumanan Access Road, Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod City.
Available Sizes:

  • 600 sqm
  • 700 sqm
  • 784 sqm

Per Square: P5,000

In-house financing

  • 20% Down Payment: P736,000
  • Plus Trans/Doc P130, 000
  • Total Downpayment: P866.000


  1. Reservation Fee: P50,000
  2. Instalment Downpayment
  3. In-house Amortization (Max of 5 yrs)
  4. Structures can be built on the lot if 30% of the total price has been paid
600sqm   @5,000/sqm
700sqm   @5,000/sqm
784sqm   @5,000/sqm
Reservation: P50k
P56,250x12mos (600sqm)
P66,667x12mos (700sqm)
P75,000x12mos (784sqm)
Monthly Amortization for 5 yrs:
P64,000 (600sqm)
P74,667 (700sqm)
P83,600 (784sqm)

See Google Map Location Below
(East Homes 6: New May 2019)

See Google Map Location Below
(East Homes 4)