When will the house be constructed?

👋After paying the total downpayment po and submitting the complete PAGIBIG requirements or loan approval, you will belong to the next batch of house construction. 🏡 👷

Workers will build your house by batch. Houses will begin if the roads and drainage are ready also. No houses yet during mud roads or land dev stage. Your batch construction will start after previous batch is done.

Example, if you’re done with all requirements and belong to batch 3, and if the contractor is now building the batch 2, we have to wait until batch 2 is done, then kayo na next.

Time ⌚ duration of house building is around 6 months 🗓 🎉

For Assume / East Villas

2 Story

East Villas 2 Story

As of March 2019

  • Pay previous  owner the amount of P383,550.00
  • Then 30 days after, pay P17,550.00 
  • Loanable: P1,430,000.00
    • if 15 years to pay: P12,363/month

2 Bedroom Detached (Sold April 18, 2019)

EAST VILLas 2 bedroom

East Villas 2 Bedroom

  • 100 sq meter lot area
  • 45.5 sq m floor area
  • P210,000 downpayment to previous. Payable max of 3 months.

Duplex Attached (Sold April 18, 2019)

East Villas Duplex Fortune towne

East Villas Duplex

  • 60sqm Lot
  • 27sqm Floor Area
  • Attached with Firewall
  • Pay to previous owner P70,000 within a max of 3 months