Map Presentations

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EHM6 Legend:

See this post for the complete guide on availing residential lots or house and lots here.

  • Those with pins below are already taken
  • The green pins represent the 3 Bedroom Houses which are already taken
  • The blue pins represent 2 Bedroom Houses which are already reserved
  • The red pins represent the extra lot which is attached to the adjacent house to its side
  • The green flat portion represents the parks and playground.
  • The gray flat portion represents the community and facilities.
  • The numbers in the circle with a set of boxes represent the Block Number
  • The one or two digit in within each box represents the Lot Number
  • Each road has a designated lot number (e.g. Road Lot 9) and the corresponding width
  • The pink pins represent the Duplex unit that has been reserved already

East Homes Mansilingan 6 as of July 3, 2018

Bird’s eye view

Below is the overall map of the whole subdivision.

East Homes Bacolod Map Mansilingan

Satellite Map Perspective

Here’s how to map looks over the actual satellite footage.

Satellite Map of East Homes

In Relation to the New Bacolod Economic Highway

The map below shows how East Homes connects to the New Circumferential Road (2nd Circumferential Road) in Bacolod. The road will connect Sum-ag, Pahanocoy, Handumanan, Felisa, Mansilingan, Paglaum, Granada and ABKASA. It will make traveling easier. It will connect people from the south to the airport and reduce travel time dramatically.

The green line is the New Bacolod Economic Highway. The blue circle is East Homes which will just be so near to it and will help residents access the airport quickly avoiding mich traffick.

Where is the entrance? 

The entrance is at the upper right where you can see a gray-shaded road and a label which says “Proposed Box Culvert Triple Barrel”

Placement of Unit Models

Green = 3 Bedrooms (140sqm)
Red = 2 Bedrooms (100sqm)
Blue = Duplex House and Lots (60sqm)